Shop more, get more! Coreas Rewards You!

With over 10 stores across the island selling everything from cement to wrist watches, chances are you've already shopped at Coreas Hazells. Now you can transform your everyday shopping into a fun, rewarding experience with Coreas Rewards, our all-new members loyalty program!

The Coreas Rewards card replaces the Coreas Elite card and now offers even more value for your purchases across all major departments!

Ok , so what exactly are the benefits?

There are two huge advantages; points and premium perks.

As a Rewards member, you'll earn 1 point for every $1 spent at Coreas Hazells stores, including ACE, Building Supplies, Coreas Pharmcy and Coreas Auto. Redeem these points at your convenience for some extra savings at the cashier!

Premium Perks:
Rewards members also enjoy premium, members only benefits to further enhance their shopping experience at Coreas Hazells Inc! Depending on your current membership level (Standard or Platinum), you will receive special benefits such as early notifications of sales, express cashier lines, free parking, gifts and more! 

How Does It Work?
Points are automatically credited to your account while shopping. Points can be redeemed at the cashier to partially or fully pay for a transaction.

To use premium benefits, the cardholder will be required to present their card to a representative for verification.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for Coreas Rewards?

The easiest way to register is using our online form. Customers can also register in-store at Ace, Ace 2 and Coreas City Store. If you are having issues registering, please contact us at 784-434-1208.

Are there any restrictions for registration?

Persons under 16 years of age are not allowed to sign up for Coreas Rewards.

How do I earn points?

While at the cashier, present your Rewards card to earn 1% of your transaction amount (excluding VAT) for each purchase made at a participating Coreas Hazells department. You are free to redeem your points at any department. Customers may also receive bonus points as prizes, gifts and other special occasions. 

How do I spend my points?

Your points are stored in your account until you decide to use them. To redeem points, simply let the cashier know that you would like to put your points toward the cost of your purchase. There is no minimum amount of points that can be redeemed, and you can even pay for your purchases using a combination of points and cash.

Some items, such as cement, cannot be paid for using points.

What are tiers and how do I qualify for higher tiers?

Our Rewards program has two levels, or tiers. All customers begin at the Standard tier and qualify only for rewards available at that level. As a customer accumulates more points, they will graduate to our Platinum tier and gain access to all premium benefits. Click here to view details of each tier.

Does the Rewards card work at all Coreas outlets?

Since the term "Coreas" is sometime used to refer to Coreas Hazells Inc as well as Coreas Distribution Ltd, it is important to differentiate between the two companies.

The Rewards program is valid for all Coreas Hazells departments (Ace, Ace 2, Diamond Woods, City Store, Pharmacies, Building Supplies), excluding Coreas Insurance.

The Rewards card will not be accepted at any Coreas Distribution outlets  (Coreas Mini Mart, Coreas Wholesale Division and Drinks Depot). 

What happens to my Elite card?

The Elite card will be discontinued after commencing Coreas Rewards. Customers will no longer be able to receive cash discounts using the Elite card. To mark the end of the Elite progam, all Elite cardholders will be allowed to submit their Elite cards (even if missing a few stamps) to gain entry to a final draw for EC$5,000.

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