Coreas Home Solutions offers many advantages for homeowners. We have built relations with many different artisans across SVG who will be contracted to work on your project. Since we have been in the business for decades, we know exactly how to avoid the common pitfalls that are typically associated with projects of this nature. Our experince will ensure that any risks, losses and downtimes are kept to a minimum, and in the rare event that something does indeed go wrong, Coreas Hazells guarantees that we will take care of any costs involved in getting you back on the right track! In addition, we also offer the followng benefits:

  • We manage your project for you
  • We provide updated project reports on your project upon your request
  • We provide footage of work done on your project
  • We can be reached at any time through our Quick Alert App
  • You can chat with us at any time using our Live Chat
  • We guarantee our work on your project