Health & Beauty

Coreas City Store is an ‘occasions store’, comprising of the following main departments: 


The Pharmacy providing prescription drugs, OTC medication and products for healthy living including small exercise equipment and orthopedic products. 


Our Cosmetics department carries the widest range of beauty care and personal hygiene products in St. Vincent, with a number of well known brands like Clean and Clear, Neutrogena and Aveeno. 


City Store can supply schools, offices and individuals with all their stationery materials through that department.


Faber Castell is one of our main product lines and Hallmark cards for all occasions. Other smaller categories are Household, gifts, toys and Party Supplies. 


We are ideally located in the heart of Kingstown at the corner of Halifax and Hillsboro Street, with two accesses in and out of the store. 


Our extended opening hours are suitable for the public leaving town late on evenings. Our newest addition to the overall portfolio is Coreas Food Xpress, a combination of a convenience store inclusive of a small Deli. The Deli officially opened in December 2011 and is located on Halifax Street with access through the existing City Store.